Polly’s Open House

The last few weeks I have been watching Donna, Pat, and Dr. Galvis brainstorming on how to make the Open House a success. They researched and came up with some great ideas. Paige offered to bring in her exotic pets too!

The day before the Open House, Donna and Pat came in to set everything up, but I thought they were here to visit me. After all, my home was moved from one kennel to another so I could have a better view.

Now, the day was here and everyone came in early to prepare for our guests. There was a pony to pet, kitties for adoption and a bouncy house for kids in the parking lot sponsored by the Groomery. We had balloons in our walkway and signs to welcome new and old friends. There were goodie bags for dogs and cats as well as door prizes.

I was definitely hamming it up for the Daisy Girl Scouts that came to visit. I was doing all my tricks, rolling over, and looking so cute. pet adoption in Miller Place Sigh, no one let me out to play. I wanted to meet Paige’s rat, Sheldon, but no one thought it a good idea. Sheldon and Oswald, the bearded dragon, were big hits.

What fun watching our team showing off our hospital and providing information on pet care to our community.

See you next year (maybe someone will let me come out and play).