Cat and Dog Grooming in Miller Place, NY

You might know that routine pet grooming helps your pet look and feel their best, but did you know it's also beneficial to their health? When oil, dirt, and bacteria accumulate under your pet's fur, it makes them more prone to smells and general discomfort. Brushing your pet's fur distributes their natural oils for a more lustrous coat but also detangles uncomfortable and even painful matting. Plus, when professional groomers are given the chance to trim long, heavy fur, you might be alerted to parasites and skin conditions you wouldn't have been otherwise. Afterall, Dr. Galvis at Miller Place Animal Hospital would rather prescribe prevention over any other medicine!


cat and dog grooming in Miller Place, NY

Basic Pet Grooming Services

At Miller Place Animal Hospital, we're happy to trim your pet's nails during a pet exam or sedate an overly anxious pet for basic grooming services. For all other grooming services, we refer to the All-Pet Groomery, which is located in our parking lot and operates independently from the hospital. You must call them directly for an appointment at (631) 744-6676.

Grooming services Miller Place is happy to provide during your pet's regular visit include:

  • Anal gland suppression
  • Nail trimming
  • Shaves for anxious pets unable to visit the regular groomer

If you have questions about having a fearful or nervous pet sedated in order to be cleaned up a bit, call us at (631) 744-2050.