Veterinary Laboratory Services in Miller Place, NY

Veterinary Diagnostics in Miller Place

In addition to in house laboratory testing, we use a well known outside veterinary specific laboratory, IDEXX, for all other diagnostics. The use of an outside laboratory allows for access to board certified specialists for consultation regarding any of your pet's abnormal test results.

Radiology for Pets: An In-Depth Look with X-Rays

Our state of the art digital X-rays allow us to evaluate your pet’s internal organs and bones rapidly and with less stress. Digital x-rays mean less image retakes, limiting radiation exposure to pets and staff, as well as superior image resolution. It also allows us to rapidly communicate with specialists to better diagnose your pet in complicated cases. We also have dental digital x-rays to evaluate you pet’s teeth with every dental treatment.

Ultrasounds are available at our hospital through a mobile veterinarian. This technology gives us the ability to evaluate organs such as the heart, liver spleen, bladder and kidneys, usually without any sedation. In most cases, reports are available the same day, allowing timely management of your pet’s care.

Pet Laboratory in Miller Place