Why Should My Pet Have Annual Wellness Blood Testing?

Blood testing for disease is a routine procedure in human medicine. Chemical analysis of a small blood sample probPet Wellness in miller placeably gives the most complete evaluation of the overall body condition. In the early stages of disease, many subtle changes occur in the blood composition that can give us hints of future problems before they become serious.

When these changes can be detected early, we can often make relative minor changes in the diet or institute medications that will yield a longer, healthier life for your pet. We suggest a yearly Wellness Blood testing be done on all dogs and cats starting at one year of age. Only a very small blood sample is needed to perform testing for the major internal organ problems. This is important since our friends cannot speak to us regarding their health. We at Miller Place Animal Hospital strongly recommend the use of this diagnostic tool to give the best chance for a quality life-style for the maximum number of years.
Pet diagnostics in miller place
The tests we recommend in the blood profile are listed below along with the organs examined with each test. Depending on physical examination findings/age, additional tests may be indicated:

1.  COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT: Overall Body Condition (Anemia, Infections, Inflammation)
2.  PT/PTT: Clotting Function.
5.  BILIRUBIN: Liver Function.
6.  BLOOD SUGAR: Pancreas Function (Possibility of Diabetes).
7.  SODIUM/POTASSIUM: Electrolytes.
8.  CALCIUM: Bone Content.
9.  TOTAL PROTEIN: Kidney, Liver, Intestinal Disease.