Hi, my name is Winkie!

winkieIt was a dark and stormy night, yes, it really was! I was left outside on a dark road with a flannel shirt to lay on and a handful of food. That night there was a terrible thunderstorm and I was so scared that I hid under a log. Pat and her husband found me the next day on the side of the road and brought me to see Dr. Galvis right away. I was a sad sight even though I was purring and making doughs because I was so happy to be rescued. I had one eye and scraggly grey fur, but I was an otherwise healthy 12 week old kitten. My new family named me Winkie (get it?) and I was so lucky to have a safe and warm forever home.

Over the course of 3 years, my annual blood work was showing an increase in my blood glucose levels. I was always very thirsty and hungry, and was using the litter box more frequently. Dr. Galvis diagnosed me with the early stages of diabetes. First, I was put on a special diet and it worked well to keep my glucose levels down for almost a year. Then, my blood work started to change and I now had full blown diabetes. Yikes, I heard them discussing needles every day – ouch! I was started on insulin injections twice a day and my diabetes quickly became under control. The needle is so fine that I don’t even feel it and I am too busy eating to notice.

Since November is National Diabetes Awareness month, I wanted to tell my story as now I am a happy and healthy kitty thanks to my special diet, insulin, and regular check-ups. (But, I am still terrified of thunderstorms or loud noises and hide under the couch until it’s over.)