Double Trouble for June Bug!


Where is my food?

At 9 years old, I had to have a surgical procedure to repair a hernia on my stomach. No big deal! I will go visit the ladies at MPAH to have the technicians draw up my pre-surgical bloods to send to the laboratory and I am all set.  The tough part was “no breakfast” prior to the blood work. Mom didn’t fall for the “feed me” face. Yup, that is a picture of me and I am not a happy camper.

Dr. Galvis suggested that I have a dental cleaning too while under anesthesia. Great, I’ll come home with a newly shaved belly (kitty scaping), a tummy tuck and great breath. Easy enough, right? Unfortunately, my dental x-rays showed a few surprises. One of my upper canine teeth was on its way to infection as was one of my molars. Both teeth needed to be removed by Dr. Galvis. I am glad that those problem teeth were taken out before causing any pain or infection. The best part of the whole double procedure was that I didn’t feel a thing!

I will continue to visit the doctor at least once a year for my wellness check-up and get dental cleanings when the doctor recommends to prevent infection.

By the way, my name is June Bug because of the spots on my belly that makes me look like a beetle.